Michael Hawkes

As a young man, Michael began working after school and at weekends with his father at Epsom.


"I had been going down to dad's stables for as long as I can remember, doing some work after school. When it's in your blood ... I just love working with the horses."


His education continued in Sydney when his father took up the role of head trainer for the Inghams at Warwick Farm. "On the job experience with Dad, being one of the best ever trainers, is a huge advantage".


When the position of foreman at the satellite stable in Brisbane became vacant, the 21 year old Michael leapt at the chance. In nine full seasons Michael proved his maturity and love of working with horses by taking out two premierships. He was runner up five times, with a third and a fifth place to round it off. Michael found it a natural way of life.


Some of Michael's best remembered wins in Brisbane include a quinella in the Stradbroke Cup (1. Crawl and 2. Hire), two derby winners in Freemason and Toulouse Latrec, Sires Produce winner Ambulance, and Freemason in the TJ Smith Classic.


When the family established a training partnership in 2008, Michael returned to Sydney to take charge of Rosehill Gardens, working alongside his father.


"Dad has always had an unbelievable memory when it comes to his horses. When we were at Crown Lodge, dad would work his 110 horses, then talk to Wayne with his 60 in Melbourne and me with 55 in Brisbane, and the 30 we had in Adelaide, and he'd know every horse back to front. He still does and that's what has made him so successful."


"I suppose you could say dad is the brains and Wayne and I are the youth. I think it is a pretty good partnership. We are lucky we have each other."
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